Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The R Word

Guys my age are starting to talk retirement. Some are looking to go out early but I’ll try to stick around until the retirement age if possible. Most of the time the work isn’t too overwhelming, though it has been busy lately. It wears on some more than others, and sometimes it wears on me more. Not looking forward to the upcoming change in computer platforms (to Ernie Els company: SAP). When I do retire it would be good to take a break, travel, downsize and get cleaned up and organized at home, and then maybe find something to do with my time.

My friend Myron from Virginia retired and moved to the Albemarle Sound, where he’s learned to sail, gotten involved in their new church and other groups like the Lions Club. He’s not into sports.    

Everyone is different about retirement. Some people move away. I would think Ceil and I will like to stay near where we are, so we could stay in contact with the same friends. Or move to be close to our kids and grandkids. I’ve thought about working at SunTrust Park since it’s close, but late nights 82 nights a year might be a chore. Or buy a delivery truck, but again that could mean long hours. I always have exercise and golf and my calendars and blog and reading and other stuff I do. And places to travel to. I was thinking of all the stuff I do would be easier if I had an hour or three to do it every day. I could ramp up my eBay and get rid of more junk email, and exercise and do yardwork and housework and laundry and hit golf balls and involve myself outside the house.

Slammed at work. Not sure why. Actually I do know. Steel mill is late with raw material. Slitter has a 3-4 week backlog. Painter won’t paint. No trucks to move material on. Means I have to double and triple check everything. Worked past seven last night. Not much traffic going home. Ceil was walking Barney. Beans and rice and salad for dinner. Was almost nine when we were finished. Not much on TV: the Braves, Last Man Standing, The Voice.

Tuesday: slammed all morning. Wheeling and dealing, arranging all kinds of shipments. Tuesday: another late night for me. Got another project done but got two more to do tonight and tomorrow. Worked until 7:30. Ceil made shepherd’s pie. She thought she had added too much wine. You could definitely taste it. Had Roseanne on while we were getting ready to eat. Seems like the show is real, a quality show. Later we watched some Braves and The Voice finale. The 14 year old girl won.

Last ever episode of The Middle at 8:30. Lasted an hour. Not bad. They moved their oldest son to Denver. Sue finally got together with the neighbor boy. At the end of the show Frankie told what happened to the family in the ensuing years: Axyl got married and had three messy sons just like him. Sue married the neighbor. Brick became a bestselling author. Things didn’t change much for parents Mike and Frankie. I was scared WSB was going to interrupt the last ever minute of the show with election coverage. WSB did cut in right at 9 pm, causing viewers to miss a crucial scene. I’m sure viewers complained, because at 9:30 there was no election coverage.

Got out and walked this morning. Heel hurts too much to try to run. Mailed a package on the way to work. Stopped by McDonalds. Was late enough to experience bad traffic. We’re having a big month so it sounds like we’ll be taken out at some point for a nice lunch.

Dock’s dad is a golfer. He recently shot his age. Not sure how old he is, but he used to joke that he had suits as old as me.

I’m just no good with computers and printers and TV’s and VCRs and such. I just learned how to “throw” something from my phone to the TV. Will can do it effortlessly but it takes time for me. Read a Clark Howard article and am ready to fire Comcast and switch to Hulu TV. People talk about ditching cable and satellite but I’m scared baseball and football will go away. With Hulu TV I am covered.

During Sunday School they announced the children’s ministry was looking for counselors to go away to summer camp with the kids. Sounded like fun, but Ceil rolled her eyes – she’s burned out from the past nine months of school.

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