Friday, May 11, 2018

Graduation Day

Will graduated from the PA school at Augusta College today.
Of his class of 38 he was one of three to win multiple awards.
Thursday evening's hooding ceremony was at the Bell Theater in downtown Augusta. It included all the graduating medical students who earned their hood, which was placed around their necks by the faculty.
During the processional Anna videotaped the wrong guy.
 Ceil and I snapped pictures of the right guy.
Afterward we walked next door to First Presbyterian to take pictures.
Then we drove around the corner to eat supper at The Hive.
Back home Will worked on the brisket he'd been smoking outside
on the grille all day, a huge slab of meat.
This morning Will's PA class had an awards ceremony of their own
at First Methodist Church of North Augusta,
just across the river from downtown Augusta.
Will's friend Seth (front row, right) joined us for lunch afterwards.
Seth hiked with Will in Peru.
The last award given was voted on by the class. Will was one of three to win the Peer Award, for his leadership and encouragement.
His friend Sebastian (above, right) also won two awards.
Sebastian worked with Will at Camp Highland. 
Will also won the Faculty Merit Award, voted on by his teachers.
A faculty member introduced Will and listed several of Will's qualities that won him the award.
His class was affectionately referred to as "The Herd"
which started because of Will's love of buffaloes. 
Mary-Clayton's parents and sister Anna drove over for the day.
For lunch Will & MC prepared the brisket, spicy macaroni and cheese,
and a cauliflower salad, with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

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