Saturday, May 12, 2018

May the Stripers be With You

Another Star Wars night. This time I was able to get my picture with some of the characters, like these sand creatures. One was a girl.
The Death Star usually doesn't let their accountants to travel.
Even inhabitants on the Death Star have to get haircuts.
I think I got my picture taken with these two last year.
When Princess Leia threw out the first pitch, she had plenty of protection. 
Hard to tell from this photo, but Princess Leia forgot to wear a slip.
We got group seats down the third base line.
While little Jasmine and Destiny look on, Rachel gets a King of Pops.
Samantha bought cotton candy for the girls.
I trotted out my Air Jordans for the occasion.
I stayed for the entire game, which the Stripers lost.
Didn't get a picture of the relievers heading out to the bullpen before the game, so I snapped this photo of them returning after it was over.
Even stayed for the fireworks, appropriately set to Star Wars music.

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