Thursday, May 24, 2018


Never knew there was a lake where Ponce de Leon Park used to be. After Tech I lived on Greenwood Avenue, which crossed Monroe and ended where the stadium used to be. Not sure I ever went to a game there, but may have. The last season played there was 1964, the summer I turned five. I do remember playing on the swings and in a sandbox at the park further down Ponce past Highland Avenue. Now since the Beltline's been built, the shops on the other side of the tracks have opened up their back doors so walkers can browse their wares.

Got a buddy who owns the butcher shop just down the Beltline at Monroe. Greg Wheat played sports at North Springs High with MC's dad and uncles. Wheat attends lots of Falcons, Braves, United, and Hawks games.

Looks like Will and Mary-Clayton are hoping to move back to Atlanta in August. They want to live downtown. Will's former basketball teammates DJ Hoffer, David Norman, Charles Norman, and Ben Hoffer all live near that Top Golf on the Westside, off Howell Mill. All are married but childless. Still-single Joel Norman lives near Oglethorpe.

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