Tuesday, May 08, 2018

May 4th Giants Jerseys

Part two of my photo essay of jerseys, this time for the visiting Giants fans brave enough to wear opposing jerseys.
This first one seems somewhat appropriate.
I'm not a fan of the black.
 Gotta love Hunter Pence.
 I loved this number font. Also the black memorial band. 
 Extra nice.
Barry Bonds?  Note the extra gold border,
worn after their last World Championship. 
I also saw a fan wearing a Braves Bat Boy jersey,
purchased at the game worn shop.
Another gold border.
 Perhaps the best Giants jersey of the evening.
In the ticket line.
Nice Braves jersey I had forgotten to post:
a game worn number 42 from Jackie Robinson Day.
This guy happened to stop right next to me
while we were hanging out near the Left Field Gate.
I complimented him on his shirt. I wanted to buy it off his back.

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