Thursday, May 17, 2018

Top Ten NFL Divas

Top Ten Football Divas, as told by the NFL Network. That really means top ten NFL divas, because the NFL Network don’t give no publicity to other leagues like the USFL.

Best of the Rest: several were mentioned: Lyle Alzado, Brian Bosworth, Plaxico Burris, Ted Hendricks, Michael Irvin, Billy White Shoes Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson, William the Refrigerator Perry, Warren Sapp, Ken Stabler, and Steve Young.

While Andre Rison was pictured (next to Deion) his name wasn’t mentioned. Jerry Rice could’ve made the list, with his perfectly pressed uniform and shoes and socks just so. But Jerry was no match for T.O. and Ocho Cinco.

In the manly world of pro football quarterbacks have long been considered soft, but these days wide receivers are by far the worst divas. As a middle-aged fan prone to saying slightly political incorrect comments, I find the racial makeup of the top ten interesting: half white and half black. Five quarterbacks, four receivers, and a linebacker named Hollywood - who twice won the lottery (he must play a lot).

10. Tom Brady NE QB. Added to even out the list, for his long hair and supermodel wife.

9. Randy Moss WR Minn Tenn NE Oak. Only ran deep patterns.

8. Joe Theisman QB Wash. Hair always perfect. Dated Hollywood actresses. Now admits he was a diva.

7. Hollywood Henderson LB Dallas. Huge cocaine habit.

6. Joe Namath QB NYJ LAR. Starred in an ad for pantyhose.
5. Jim McMahon QB CHI. Was more rebel than diva.

4. Deion Sanders CB KR ATL SF Dallas Wash Balt. The ultimate diva.

3. Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson WR CIN. You know you’re a real diva when you change your name.

2. Terrell Owens WR SF Dallas Phil. Divas wear out their welcome then move on to another team, like T.O. and Moss.

1. Brett Farve QB ATL GB Min NYJ. A debatable pick. Farve was a good old boy who played in the most consecutive games ever.

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