Monday, May 14, 2018

Miles and Miles

Did you guys have a big weekend? I was on the go for four straight days, driving over 650 miles. Lots going on at work as well. When I’m off things can be taken care of at work, but if I have the chance to check emails then when I return my in box and to do list isn’t so crammed. Took off all day Thursday and Friday but we didn’t leave for Augusta until 2 pm Thursday afternoon, so I could’ve worked a half day if I’d wanted to. I wanted to leave earlier for Augusta, but that didn’t happen.

Thursday 177 miles: Made it to Augusta by 4 pm. Anna wouldn’t be arriving until 5:15, so I rode with Will and his hiking buddy Seth to the ceremony to save seats. This hooding ceremony was to award all the medical school students the hoods they would wear with their graduation robes. Afterward we ate at The Hive, a downtown restaurant/bar featuring healthy foods. Everyone ordered burgers and regular fries except me – I had a chicken philly with sweet potato fries. The philly was just ok – it wasn’t exactly loaded with chicken and peppers and cheese.

Friday 182 miles: Will’s PA class had an awards ceremony at Grace UMC in North Augusta SC, just across the river from downtown Augusta. Of the class of 38 only seven awards were given out. Will won two of them: the faculty merit award and the peer award. MC’s parents and sister came over. Afterward back to W&MC’s for lunch: smoked brisket. Will had smoked the brisket all day Thursday. It was a huge slab of meat. Also spicy mac & cheese, chopped cauliflower salad, and strawberry shortcake.

I knew we were going to hit rush hour driving back, so I took my time. Ceil shopped at an outlet. I stopped for a soda to keep me awake. Stopped by the Dekalb Farmers Market as well. Barney was glad to see us return.

Saturday 79 miles: cleaned upstairs in the morning. Ceil fixed me an eggy boy. Cut the grass. At 2:30 I drove out to Gwinnett, stopping for a Wendy’s single and senior drink. While waiting in line I talked to a young lady and her young daughter. She turned out to be related to my coworker Samantha, who was one of the 16 coworkers in attendance. Several people wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing my green jersey. I wore navy to change it up. At Gwinnett the Star Wars characters are much more assessible.

The game started at six and got over by 8:30. I stayed till after the post-game fireworks ended. On the way out I stopped by to say hello to Stripers GM North Johnson, who remembered me from the hot stove meeting. I took more time leaving, letting the traffic thin out. Stopped by RaceTrac for a drink, then later by Publix for some flowers for Ceil. Was 10:30 before I got home. Earlier Ceil and Matthew had gone to Moxie Burger.  

Sunday 219 miles: drove down to Macon to see my mother. We ate at Applebee’s next to I-475. Mom got soup. Dad had a salad and a good-looking turkey/ham/bacon sandwich. I got the brisket tacos, which were juicy but delicious. Watched some of the Braves game. On the way home I got a chocolate shake from Dairy Queen. It was good, but service was predictably slow – I had to wait over 7 minutes. Got back home in time to watch the two hour season finale of Timeless.

At the NFL Draft Combine prospects are tested on intelligence and aptitude, using a test formerly known as Wonderlic (now known as the AIQ). There’s a positive correlation between a high score and a player making an early, meaningful contribution on the field. Of the 63 QB’s to take the test since 2012 Baker Mayfield tested the highest, and in the top 100 of all athletes to take the test.

CPA: It is great to see Newcomb pitching as well as he is.  The team’s success this year will come down to how good and consistent the starting pitching is.  What got into Andrelton Simmons?  I never thought he would amount to much as an offensive player, but he is picking up this year where he left off in '17.

ME: Now Newcomb has done something that none of the Braves Hall of Fame pitchers have done. I like how he’s been pretty consistent. Nice to win both big and close.

Andrelton is a hard worker, so good for him. I had noticed his output, perhaps from people pointing it out on Twitter.

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