Monday, June 11, 2018

Bobbles and Movies

Man Friday it was constant all day. Wore me out. Usually we try to get out of dodge on time, but Renee, Sheryl, and I worked past seven. Even after that I was lining up trucks after I got home. Worked late Thursday night as well. Well past 8 pm.

This was a real bobblehead weekend all weekend long. With over two hundred bobbles and no place to put them, my goal is to sell more than I take in. Friday night I noticed a guy on the lookout for several I had. He would be buying a bunch, so I didn’t want to overprice them. I was also coming into the deal late – he’d already received several messages. I checked how much the bobbles had sold for on eBay and priced accordingly. He bought nine bobbles. With no eBay fees or shipping charges, it was a decent deal.

Saturday evening at Gwinnett my old buddy LJ was a no show, so I had five tickets to cash in for bobbles. One was for trade, but I was able to sell the four others at the market price.

Sunday Terrapin Taproom was giving away turtle bobbles to the first two hundred customers. I had a nice lunch with friends and got a bobble. The restaurant is selling the bobble on line for $30.00 plus shipping, but I noticed several on eBay for sixty or more. I quickly sold mine for fifty plus shipping.

On the way home I found a Lee Corso ESPN bobble at a thrift store. Cost $1.50. It was in poor condition, but good ones sell for big bucks. So for the weekend I took in seven bobbles but moved fourteen. Interesting that the bobbles I sold ship in a line down I-75 south: Jackson, Fort Valley, Cordele, and Adel. Now I just gotta find five boxes. Oh dear.

On the way home Thursday night I stopped by Wendy’s. They put lettuce on one burger but not the other.

Friday on the way home I stopped by Kroger. Bought a frozen pizza for supper. Watched 30 Rock, the Braves, and some of the finals. Later Matthew ate the other frozen pizza I’d bought, and some of the ice cream.

Cleaned upstairs Saturday morning, and did some laundry. Cleaned until two, then  showered and drove out to Gwinnett. Scorching hot. Left my window cracked. Super thirsty, so I bought the soft drink with refills. I can’t drink as much as I used to.

Game started at six but was stopped at 7:10 due to hard rain. My coworkers and I waited an hour in the cool evening before leaving. Got to my car and realized I’d left my window cracked. My seat was wet. Stopped by the library and Dollar Tree on the way home. Caught the Braves win over the Dodgers. Cleaned out the freezer for a late supper: hash browns, onion rings, biscuits, and some sausage that I drowned in BBQ sauce.

Sunday was my first meal at the Fox Brothers BBQ restaurant that’s part of Terrapin Taproom. Had a good pork sandwich, but the BBQ sauce and Brunswick stew tasted like wine. Service was quick. After lunch I walked through The Battery. Stopped inside the Braves Clubhouse Store and the Mizzen & Main dri-fit dress shirt store. On the way home I stopped by the bank and hit up two thrift stores. Also bought a glow in the dark Hawks t-shirt, that was ranked tops in the NBA.
Back home I was dishes and folded laundry. Watched three good movies: The Family Stone (all-star cast: Luke Wilson, Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, Craig T Nelson).
Also Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love” with Alec Baldwin. Funny stories. And Baywatch, which was more of Dwayne Johnson’s humorous action than just beautiful bodies in swimsuits. With the muscular Zack Efron.

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