Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Bobble

There was a special bobblehead event today at Terrapin Taproom in The Battery Atlanta, the microbrewery at SunTrust Park. The first two hundred customers received free terrapin bobbleheads.
My friend Jonathan was first in line. He arrived at 8:45 am.
His wife Corrine joined him later. I arrived at 10:50.
When Fox Brothers BBQ opened at eleven I joined them for lunch.
Later this photo of them was posted on their website. 
 At eleven there wasn't a long line to get in.
Since the bobble was technically beer merchandise,
it couldn't be given out before 12:30 on Sunday.
Katie was in line, plus a couple of other bobble regulars.
Later Bobby and Jay made an appearance. 
A good pork sandwich, but the sauce and Brunswick Stew tasted like wine. Not my favorite.
View of the tanks. Beyond that is the Chop House Gate.
Older gentleman in blue below the exit sign
owns Royal Bobbleheads in Cumming, who produced the bobble.
At 12:25 we lined up to receive the bobble.
Photo stolen from Bobby Myers.
The bobble can be purchased at the company website for $30.00 plus $11.00 shipping. This afternoon a few of the bobbles had made their way to eBay, selling for $60.00 and up. I quickly sold mine for $50.00 plus shipping.
Paid for my lunch and then some.
 The bobble is slightly bigger than most bobbles these days.

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