Thursday, June 28, 2018

Top Ten Finales

The NFL Network’s Top Ten Greatest Career Finales. I came in on the tail end of this one, though I did catch all ten.

My honorable mention: Doug Flutie. Had a successful drop kick in his last game.

10. Barry Sanders.

9. Tiki Barber. Would’ve never made the list had he not played in the big city. Perhaps he underperformed earlier in his career.

8. Jerome Brown, with the Eagles.

7. Don Hutson. They had to have one guy from the old days. They even admitted it.

6. Kurt Warner. Started his career late. Made it back to the Super Bowl at the age of 38. The NFL loves him.

5. John Elway. Won the Super Bowl his last two seasons. Not sure why Peyton Manning isn’t on the list. He probably received honorable mention.

4. Norm Van Brocklin. Beat Lombardi’s Packers in the 1960 championship, the Dutchman’s last game.

3. Sterling Sharpe. Actually Sterling’s yardage went down his last two years.

2. Roger Staubach.

1. Jim Brown. Won the rushing crown in his last season. Like Barry Sanders, he went out on top.

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