Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Twelve teams have won a Super Bowl since the turn of the century. Another seven teams have reached the Super Bowl during that time period. Twenty teams have won at least one Super Bowl and five more have won NFL or AFL championships before the merger.  Four teams have never reached the Super Bowl.

All but seven teams have won a league championship during their existence. Five of those seven have reached the Super Bowl. The other two are expansion teams. Jacksonville reached the AFC Championship Game with past season, and the Texans are injury-riddled contenders.

To me it’s no fun being a fan if I’m spending all my time hating on my team. Like life, it’s better to focus on the positives than dwell on the negatives. Every year thirty-one teams do not win the Super Bowl. My team reached the Super Bowl the previous season, and had a nice playoff run last year with a flawed team, before losing to the eventual Super Bowl champion. The professionals running the Falcons, who know much more about football than me, want to win even more than I want them to, and will work long hours to improve the team. How can I complain about that? The same goes for every other team in the league.

2018 Eagles 2005 lost
2017 Patriots 2018 lost
2016 Broncos 2014 lost
2014 Seahawks 2015 lost
2013 Ravens 2001 won

2012 Giants 2001 lost
2011 Packers 1998 lost
2010 Saints
2009 Steelers 2011 lost
2007 Colts 2010 lost

2003 Buccaneers
2000 Rams 2002 lost
1996 Cowboys 1979 lost
1992 Redskins 1984 lost
1990 49ers 2013 lost

1986 Bears 2007 lost
1984 Raiders 2003 lost
1974 Dolphins 1985 lost
1970 Chiefs 1967 lost
1969 Jets

1965 Bills 1994 lost
1964 Browns
1963 Chargers 1995 lost
1957 Lions
1947 Cardinals 2009 lost

0000 Falcons 2017 lost
0000 Panthers 2016 lost
0000 Titans 2000 lost
0000 Bengals 1989 lost
0000 Vikings 1977 lost 2018 NFC Championship Game

0000 Jaguars lost 2018 AFC Championship Game
0000 Texans

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