Friday, June 08, 2018

Kids These Days

You could be the world’s greatest parent, but a child is going to have a mind of his own. They’re all different. I bet boys wouldn’t holler as much as girls. At that young age even when a kid has been in church all their life I’m sure it’s hard to remember those words of Jesus when your think your sister is getting the better end of the deal. Some kids may have more of a quiet nature, but I’m sure instead of hollering they may keep it bottled up inside. 

My kids didn’t fight with each other much, though every now and then when he was little, my youngest would try and punch his older brother in the gut. When I was a kid my younger brother would sometimes get mad and start wrestling me. I’d start laughing, and that would make him even madder.

I worked until 8:30 Wednesday night. Can’t get any real work done during the day due to fire drills (hot parts), calls from other departments, and meetings. When things calm down I can enter orders and review inventory.

Was after nine before I got home. Grilled some black bean quesadillas on the panini press. Watch the Braves replay and the NBA Finals. Went to bed at 11 pm. Been staying up too late this week and not getting enough sleep. Saturday morning I’m going to sleep late.  

Why my job has gotten harder: at every point of the supply chain we are experiencing challenges. I can handle five or six of these things, but juggling all eleven at the same time is kinda tough.

1. Mill lead times are longer.
2. Sales and use have increased to record levels, but mill allocation remains the same.
3. No rail line into building.
4. Shortage of trucks delivering coils from the mill.
5. Receiving a truckload at a time instead of railcars makes it harder to run the more-efficient multi-coil setups.
6. Coil processing backlog has doubled.
7. Shortage of trucks delivering slit coils from Charleston to stampers.
8. Fabricators can’t keep up with the customer’s ever-changing forecast.
9. The painter can’t paint in a timely manner – and misplaces parts.
10. Some parts keep getting rejected.
11. Customer loses parts that take 2 months to produce.

I get the BBQ chicken pizza when to go to California Pizza Kitchen. I’m trying to stay away from CiCi’s Pizza this week while Ceil is away. I haven’t been that hungry. They do have BBQ chicken pizza there as well. I’m out of leftovers at home to bring for lunch, but today I brought something from the freezer. Yesterday I had to run an errand at lunch. I stopped at Wendy’s. I’d been tempted to stop at Checkers, but every time I go there I am disappointed.  

Just sold nine bobbles (at too low of a price): Gwinnetts Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, Niekro, and Heyward, Pearl Smoltz and Aaron Holbert, the sitting Cox, and the rail Cox.

Another list:

Signs of repentance
1. sight of sin Romans 3
2. sorrow of sin sin harms someone
3. confession of sin - no buts take ownership
4. shame of sin
5. hatred of sin not just the sin of others but all sin, including my own.
6. Turn from sin, not in my own power but in the power of Christ

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