Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Photo Vault

Forgot to post this picture from Saturday.
The time Anna facetimed with Barney.
 Something we all need to remember.
Cool photo of Dansby Culbertson. Charlie Swanson. Danlie Swansbertson.
 Hanging out at Anna's house.
 If it wasn't for Anna we wouldn't have many Barney pictures.
Truth. This Nimmo dude on the Mets thinks he's hot stuff.
He took the next pitch and raced to first, all Charlie Hustle style.
But Nimmo is no Pete Rose. Far from it.
Sunday I checked out the Mizzen and Main store in The Battery Atlanta.
Are all the shirts there trim fit? Too bad.
This blue check is my favorite.
Perhaps I'll cash in some Amazon gift cards. 
 A better cap photo. But rows of four will be better.
My Dale Murphy arrived today.
All stitched, as opposed to ironed on. But that's ok.
 The wordmark kinda trails off. Still not bad for the price.

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