Friday, June 15, 2018

Braves Padres

Hot day. Not a good idea to gobble down BBQ, potato salad, and nanner pudding right before embarking on an uphill mile and a half walk in 90 degree heat. Got to the gate and received my first ever warning from my Apple Watch. Ain't as young as I used to be. Took it easy the rest of the night.
 Collected bobbles, chatted with friends (Kevin, Bobby, Michael, and Katie). Befriended the quiet son of the bobble-collecting mother-son duo from Gwinnett. Ran into the Gilberts. Regina liked my beard.
 At least I wasn't the only guy in long pants. Looked for where my buddy ole Hugh was supposed to be sitting, but couldn't find him. Was helping solve a problem at work, so I took a seat near the left field foul pole.
Had a bird-eye view of The Battery, all the way to Cobb Parkway.
My red sneakers looked great with my new red jersey,
but by the time was got back to my car
I was limping from the blisters on my feet.
Still, the five plus miles I walked today did me good.
Brick of the Day: the hitting guru.
A successful day: by the end of the day I'd sold all four bobbles.

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