Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 15 Jerseys

My second photo essay of various jerseys worn at SunTrust Park.
Dude below just couldn't seem to keep his shirttail down.
Wonder if he would've acted the same way if he'd been with the guys.
Hard to tell but this cool Nolan Ryan Houston Astros peach melba jersey is the recent long-tail style designed to stay tucked in.
 Nana and Paw Paw.
 Roddy White
 Mad Dog
 The Dat Dude Family
 Felt numbers and feathers. Not quite exact.
Pretty sure I snapped a pic of this couple. Note the guy's Dansby jersey has the 2016 Turner Field final season patch,
and his cap has the 2017 SunTrust Park inaugural season patch.
Lady in the foreground rocks a rare Peterson t-shirt.
Interesting Freddie jersey. Cool handkerchef. Old guy is rocking nice green sneakers. Kid in white cap also has cool sneakers. Yes, the windows in the background is the Terrapin Taproom / Fox Brothers BBQ, where I ate this past Sunday.
A jersey family. Guy on the right is wearing a Braves feather jersey with an interesting logo on the front. His buddy also has on a feather jersey. In the back, sis rocks a red jersey.
Local product Deshaun Watson
This 1969 Phil Neikro road jersey is a tad too dark.
His red Titleist cap is a nice touch.
Kimbrel. Note laughing indian patch on the right, from the jersey above.
 Dad wears the Star Wars backpack.
New in the Braves Clubhouse Store: this Walter Banks t-shirt.
Friday night I passed Walter near the Third Base Gate,
and he stopped to shake my hand.

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