Saturday, June 23, 2018

Feather Unis

Loving the throwback uniforms the Braves are wearing this weekend.
Good view of the Ryerson seats behind Sean Newcomb.
Not sure who had them last night. 
Dansby didn't wear stirrups on Friday, but did on Saturday.
Unlike fellow stirrup-wearers Albies, Dansby, and Camargo who wore white shoes, Ender wore all royal blue spikes with his stirrups.
Julio always seems to pitch when the Braves are wearing alternate unis.
Teheran allowed a first inning grand slam, and the Braves went on to lose the series to the worst team in baseball.
Must be the unis.
 Ozzie's shoes are ugly. He and Freddie wore navy sleeves.
Friday's game went to extra innings after Freddie was thrown out at home in the bottom of the ninth.
Dan Winkler allowed Baltimore to retake the lead in the top of the ninth.
Saw this Petrels jersey in the restaurant we ate at tonight.

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