Sunday, June 03, 2018


Beautiful wedding late Saturday afternoon:
Mary Clayton's sister Anna married Zach Anello.
After a brief shower moved through the area about an hour earlier,
the wedding took place outside at the same place Will and Mary Clayton got married: Indigo Falls in Dallas Georgia. 
Due to the heat, water and sunglasses were passed out.
The sunglasses bore the wedding hashtag.
Several men took off their suitcoats, including me.
Two of the Gilbert brothers sported derby caps (below).
MC's uncle Ben (white suit, below left) wore a dri fit dress shirt to stay cool. He still sweated through his suit. 
Ceil picked a seat in the shade next to Holly Smith and her mother.
Matthew and Anna were also in the shade, but my seat on the asile was in the sun. Hot but beautiful.
The procession of the wedding party
started at the top of the hill near the chapel.
The reception was held in the same hall Will & MC's reception was in. 
First dance: Will & MC look out as Zach twirls Anna.
 I joked that Zach had done a good job teaching Anna to dance.
 Father daughter dance, as Will & MC look on.
Matthew tried to catch the garter, but the little boy (MC's cousin) grabbed it. The kid had no idea what it was.
Anna Murphy (far right) went for the bouquet because it was so pretty.
She got it.
 Lots of dancing: Thomas, Holly, Anna, and Anna.
 Mother of the bride Regina (pink) chats with Carol Smith (glasses), Ceil, and her daughter Anna.
Matthew, Carol, Ceil, Holly (red hair),
Zach's sister, Anna, and Zach.
Zach really put on a show. Anna can't believe it. Ceil looks on.
 Anna and Matthew clown around during dinner.
An evening to remember.
While I did take most of these pictures,
several were borrowed off social media.
The teaser video can be viewed here.

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