Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Apprentice: Chuck Team Edition (A Skit)

Scene One: Post Expedition

Mrs. Arps: Another fine Chuck Team job, Mrs. Martin.
Mrs. Martin: You too, Mrs. Arps. We really have this down to a science (giggles).
PA: It is a lot of work.
TM: We’re not getting any younger!
PA: We have all this information in our heads…we need to get organized!
TM: What we need is an apprentice. Someone who is organized.
PA: But at least half as health conscious as we are.
TM: How about Lynn Taylor?
PA: Have you seen her Carpool Schedule?
TM: It’s 30 megabytes!
PA: She’d have to pass a trial period…the Senior Retreat!
TM: She can’t come in thinking she’ll change everything.
PA: Kids love coldcuts!
TM: She doesn’t have all the T-shirts we have. That will really reduce our wardrobe.
PA: Can she lead? Those men can hardly cook burgers themselves.
TM: Meat Eaters!

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