Monday, October 27, 2008


Saw bits of the Invincible movie and liked the football scenes. Nice camera angles you wouldn’t normally get from a football game…almost like a video game. During and after filming there was Uni-Watch chatter about the movie…some guys went as fans/extras, and were popular, because they had haircuts from the era. I liked Dick Vermeil / Greg Kinnear’s while belt. They must have had NFL approval to use the likenesses and unis, unlike our other favorite movie, Gameplan, starring the Rock. Those Eagles unis with all the stripes were among my favorites.

Will was all upset at the umpiring last night, but he didn’t see the play at first Saturday, where the Phils made that good play, but the ump was looking at the feet and listening for the catch…Howard made a barehanded catch.

After battling traffic down to Hampton, it wouldn’t be worth it. I have no desire to go, either. Ceil went to a Charlotte race a long time ago, and enjoyed it. But a pretty big sporting event for Matthew to attend.

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