Monday, October 06, 2008

Herschel and Chloe

Two channel surfing observations…

…Herschel was on the Crystal Cathedral.

…Chloe from “24” had a small nerd role on “Dude, Where’s My Car”

Saturday I was looking forward to the GT game, but it wasn’t on. I’ve been reading most of what the AJC writes about GT…I haven’t been like this in many years.

Considering we can fit both cars in our garage, we still have a lot of junk in ours. I need to rent a saw to finish the playhouse…nobody I know has one to borrow.

We cleaned this weekend, as Ceil’s parents were coming. I was stressed out, because the kids need to help Ceil a lot more than they do…considering all the extracurriculars they’re involved in. Anna had ballet, so Ceil was gone most of the day. My feet got cold, so by Saturday afternoon I was sneezing so bad that I couldn’t do much. Will had basketball practice Saturday night.

Sunday morning my back was hurting, so I stayed home…I worked on physical inventory. I helped clean from noon to three, then went into the office until after 8 pm.

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