Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Gary McKee to Laugh

Remember the Gary McKee radio show? My claim to fame…I got McKee to laugh. In the height of Steve Martin’s stand-up popularity there was a look-alike contest at Cumberland Mall. A friend talked me into entering. There was a huge crowd, and over one hundred had entered. One guy looked exactly like him. Had I not gone fourth in the competition, I would’ve just left.

I had baby powder in my hair, and when my head shook, a cloud developed. McKee told me to shake my head again, for the photographers. The first three guys just quoted Martin’s routines, so I knew I had to be different. I said, “If Steve were in the contest, what would he do?” He’d act like he didn’t get it, and act like someone else. So I did Steve Martin doing Andy Kaufman. No one got it…except McKee. That was enough for me. I didn’t wait around for the results.

Busy Tuesday evening…left work at 6 pm. Ceil had a busy day and hadn’t arranged a carpool, so one of would have to take Will to practice while the other picked up Anna at ballet. M still had schoolwork to do. W was outside shooting baskets. Later I called C back…I would take W early, then pick up A. I should’ve had W call teammate Connor at that point.

Got home at 7:15 after stopping at Kroger and Goodwill. Delivered W to the Sandy Springs gym at 7:35, then took 400 south, 285 west, 75 north, and the 120 loop to quickly get to ballet at Eastside by 7:55. But A’s friend had left her books in our van, so her dad had to follow me home. We got there at 8:25.

Then C took A to Sears, looking for warm school clothes to wear. They got back at 9:25.

At 9:45 I went to get W, stopping at a couple of Krogers looking for Halloween candy. As usual, we didn’t get back home until almost 11 pm. My sister doesn’t realize I don’t have time for fantasy sports, much less lots of stuff I’d really like to do (I very rarely enter contests any more, like I used to).

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