Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cast & Notes

Mrs. Arps…..daughter Kara
Mrs. Martin…daughter Kate
Mrs. Taylor…Hannah (daughter Michelle opted to take a shower!)
Mrs. Deleneck…daughter Christy
Mrs. Johnston…daughter Abby
Mrs. Shetler…daughter Jordan
Mrs. Cocks…son Michael
Mr. Cain…himself
Mr. Roth…himself
Mr. Hall…himself
Mr. Phearson…himself
Mr. Murphy / Krypto…Kyle
Michael W…himself

Though Abby gave me credit for the entire skit, it certainly was not a solo effort. Like last year, most everything was based on actual events and conversations. Mr. Roth had many hilarious comments…I knew if I threw him up there, he would be gold (and embarrass his daughter). Same with Mr. Cain. Mrs. Shetler wanted in, but I thought her daughter could play her better.

I wanted Sandy and Tammy to play themselves, but daughters Christy and Abby did a great job. Cindy was going to play herself, but there was so much dirt on her that I had to recruit her son to play her.

For some strange reason, Living Science chaperones refer to each other by last name...Mr. Roth, Mrs. Johnston. Perhaps because our leaders, Mr. & Mrs. D, always do the same.

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