Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thursday: The Drive Down, & a New Kind of Improv Skit

As the B group left the property, a deer crossed the Living Science driveway. We pretty much stayed within communicator contact with the A group, then caught up with them for good as we crossed under I-20 on 285 south. Mr. Cain accidentally led the caravan through a weigh station. I got on the radio and told the ladies in the B2 van that I wouldn’t look at the scales. No one got the joke.

In Columbus Mrs. Smith, driving B3, missed the turn and drove into Fort Benning. The rest of the caravan had a short wait, and Mr. Cain took the opportunity to teach a quick lesson, about a small woodpecker that made his home in the tanks at Ft. Benning. This gave me and my navigator, senior servant leader Jared, fodder to bounce more jokes over the radio. Jared was willing to tell the one-liners I quipped…and several of his own. There were also lessons on the fall line and kaolin mines, and wisecracks about the gnat line.

After unpacking, most of us walked the quarter mile to the Gulf beach for sand sculptures (others were driven!). I helped dispense scalding hot water for the play-dough. Heidi took some hot water in a purple spray bottle. When I returned several minutes later, the bottle was all misshapen from the heat. Heidi swore all was well, not recognizing the damage done. Liar! Meanwhile, the chaperones had fun getting reacquainted. Mrs. Delenick and Johnston where back to being their old selves, and their antics would later show up on stage for all to see.

After a smoked turkey & sweet potato dinner, Mrs. Switzer introduced an activity we’d be doing all week…Who What Where. Groups would draw one card each from three boxes, then act out the who, what, and where of it. Sometimes confusing, interspaced with gaps while the groups prepared their skits, it was still much fun seeing the kids make fools of themselves.

It was during one of the gaps when my mind wondered how to pep up the festivities…the game needed a theme song. Who What Where? Not too different from another goofy game…”Will It Float” from Letterman’s Late Show. In my mind, a theme song was born.

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