Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scene Six: At the Grill

Mr. Roth: This cookout timetable is great! 11:45 light the charcoal…11:55 put on the burgers…noon, flip the burgers…
Mr. Hall: Not only Bubba burgers, but Boca burgers, Turkey burgers…I think those are Ostrich burgers!
Mr. Phearson: The Marine Center trip was certainly educational.
MR: Interesting that is was the only trip Mrs. Arps and Martin went on.
TH: Last night’s Sea Turtle Soup sure tasted fresh.
PP: The turtle shell bowls were a nice touch. Where did it come from?
MR: Perhaps the same place as the Sea Lettuce Salad.
TH: No one ate the Sea Sponges. They might’ve moved faster had they been moved closer to the fresh fruit!
PP: Tomorrow I hear we’re having Sting Ray sandwiches…
MR: At least they have built-in toothpicks!
PA: Someone throw this empty aquarium in the bay! Quick!
TH: Where’s Mr. Murphy?
Krypto enters: You wouldn’t believe what happened! We were trapped in our cabin! But I saved the day…with Michael and Marshal’s help. It only took 45 minutes to get us out.
MR: 45 minutes?
K (motioning to his gear): I didn’t have this! Or this! Or this! Anyway, now I’m off to keep the rotations safe from sharks!

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