Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gerald Perry

Thursday night I couldn’t sleep. Friday my co-worker friend Brad and I completed physical inventory. About 3:30 I was suddenly exhausted, from lack of sleep. Momentum took me till after 6 pm. Will’s basketball in Sandy Springs was getting over at 8:30, so I didn’t make the long drive to small group. At practice defender Will trailed the point guard on a breakaway, who bounced the ball off the backboard for the trailing offensive player…who dunked, for the second time that practice.

The dunker showed up a few times last year, but wasn’t in good shape. The dunker’s dad came later to pick him up, though I didn’t recognize him. The dad was talking to Connor’s dad…they live close to each other, a few doors down from Abby. It was former Brave Gerald Perry, whose Cubs were just bounced from the playoffs.

Will & I watched a lot of the Friday TP/BoSox game, but I was dozing on the couch. Saturday I cleaned upstairs until 12:45, & more downstairs. Will’s practice was from 4 – 6, so I missed most of the UGA/Tennessee game. Saw bits of the Florida game and TB game, but was too tired to stay up.

The opening NP song was a rap/hip hop song that I guess had to do with the sermon title “Illusions”. Do you like Jeff Henderson? He may have played small college basketball…I know he played HS. Candy sang. Ceil took A & M to Johnson Ferry…Anna met her pen pal from China, who was visiting with a missionary family. She had never been to a church before.

After church Sunday all three kids had homework to do…I was proofreading papers with Will. Saw only the end of the Falcons game as well…very nice. After the Bears scored with only seconds remaining I was ready to turn it off and go back to work.

We only went to Burt’s Farm once for the hayride, long ago when Will was small…Anna may have been tiny.

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