Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scene Two: Meal Prep

Mrs. Johnston: There you are, Sandy! I hate it when we’re apart. What was it…five minutes? Wait! Why are you crying?
Mrs. Delenick: I missed you! Where were you? I thought I had lost you forever! I was picturing retreats without you. What would I do?
TJ: You! What about me? I could’ve drowned! Hey! Why are YOU crying?
SD: This is a far cry from the life we hoped to lead…limousines, evening gowns…
TJ: We were Videographer’s Assistants on last year’s Senior Retreat!
SD: So why are YOU crying?
TJ: I’m chopping onions! Now get to it…according to Mrs. Taylor’s instructions, we have three minutes to finish the onions, then eight minutes for the sweet potatoes. What a slavedriver! At least it’s healthy!
SD: Too healthy for me! My system is rejecting all this health food. I need chocolate!
TM & PA enter.
TM: Mrs. Johnston! Why are your hands all muddy?
TJ: We’ve been turning cartwheels!
PA: Why aren’t Mrs. Delenick’s hands muddy?
TJ: She moves her hands so much when she talks…all the mud flew off them!
Mrs. Taylor enters: Look at this! I just reconfigured the hand Sanitizer pump. It will release a half ounce LESS each time. The jug will last 30% longer! Even Cassie can do it!
(PA & TM exchange glances)

Mr. Cain enters.
DC: Mrs. Martin, there you are! I’m having that problem with my laptop again. I need your help!
TM: Mr. Cain, what is it with you? Can’t you ever think for yourself? Laptops, butterflies, Italian scientists, water studies, Creation vs. Evolution…what is next?
DC: You’re right, Mrs. Martin. I just couldn’t pull all this off without your help! Now what’s wrong with my laptop?
TM: Your battery is dead!

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