Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday: More Rotations

Before and during breakfast I continued to work on the skit, distributing copies of the script to cast members as they were completed. The Paraguay team performed the Redeemer skit for the group, then afterwards for the FBC service.

The day’s first group rotation was kayaking in the muddy marsh. DJ and I pushed out and later pulled in the kayaks. On shore I had the chance to get better acquainted with Mrs. Smith, Dr. Howell, Carrisa, and Lisa. Caleb was the only kayaker to topple. Luckily the water was only two feet deep.

Before lunch, I parked my muddy shoes on the boardwalk. Later I crept through the crowd of lunching students to get them. After successfully navigating through several kids without stepping on their plates, I encountered Abby. Her cup of water was too tempting, so I “accidentally” kicked it over. Abby’s reaction made me laugh all the harder.

As lunch wound down I joined Mr. Roth, seated on the small picnic table where the tomato soup was served. Shortly after I sat down our weight made the table topple. Mr. Roth was able to catch himself, but the only picture in my mind as I fell backward was the large pot, full of tomato soup, spilling all over me. Somehow I thrust my feet back on the ground, taking my weight off the seat. The soup was saved, but I fell backwards onto the ground…to everyone’s delight. DJ helped me up, saying I made the ESPN Top Ten Plays of the Day.

The second rotation was Mr. Cain’s water studies. As he explained what was to be done, I snuck over to talk to Mrs. Switzer, my new buddy. But Mr. Cain sent for me. It was nice to be needed! Blind without my glasses, I helped Jordan, Julie, Lisa, Michael, DJ, Carissa, and others study salinity levels.

The next rotation was sand studies, which gave me time to write more skit scripts. Not knowing how to add in the nervous Mrs. Shetler and the crazy Mrs. Cocks, I put them together. Mrs. Switzer kept asking me when we would practice. Since I had little undistributed material to show her, she couldn’t help much. Kate was rightfully wary of saying anything mean, and I agreed that she shouldn’t, that they were free to change any of the lines.

The final, unusual rotation was a sports activity. The kids first picked ultimate, and with most all the scripts completed, I was the only chaperone to join in the game. Later we played football. Will finally got to quarterback. He faked short to Robert, who promptly ran past David Norman deep. But Will’s bomb was thrown right at me. I actually had time to think “Now don’t drop this!” before I made the interception. Later Robert wouldn’t let Will QB any more, since his old man picked him off.

Kara joined in the football game, though I kept telling her she needed to rehearse the skit. Every time a cast member walked past the game, I would drop out to discuss the skit. Dinner was spaghetti & meatballs. Michelle was offered a hot shower at the chaperones’ beach house, so Mrs. Switzer recruited Hannah. Outside the dining hall the skit was slapped together, with some invaluable last-minute editing and direction from Mrs. Switzer.

The ocean breeze had died down, and the island mosquitoes were out in force. I donned a sportcoat over my LS tee, channeling Donald Trump to introduce the Apprentice skit. I pointed out that kids would play their parents. After a less than rousing rendition of the Who What Where theme song, out came Kara and Kate to start the skit.

I didn’t get to see much of the skit, as I was buzzing around making sure it came off. At one point Abby glared over at me with her ”do something!” look, which almost cracked me up. I made my way around the outside of the dining hall with Kyle, to make sure he made his entrance at the right time. From there I was able to watch the rest of the skit. Only when Todd posted the nine minute video on Facebook did I really get a good look.

After the skit Pierce leaned over to his big sister Hannah, loudly whispering that she did a great job in the skit “playing mom.” Several of us chaperones cracked up, knowing Hannah had actually played Mrs. Taylor.

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