Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scene Seven: Let Them Eat Cake

LT: Happy Birthday Michael! Come up here! Everyone! Let’s sing!
(Crowd sings happy birthday song…all the while LT directs and increases tempo).
LT: Faster! Faster!
PA: Mrs. Taylor sure is upsetting the apple cart!
TM: She’s trying to change everything!
PA: We have too many cooks in the kitchen!
TM: Literally!
PA: Who needs chicken fajitas, veggie burgers and dogs, BBQ brisket…
TM: …tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, oven-baked turkey…
PA: On a retreat!
TM: Who’s ever heard of that?
PA: What will we do with all these leftover cold cuts?
LT: Cake! Who wants more cake? Only 27 pieces left! Mrs. Arps, I don’t think we’ll have much left over. These kids are cake crazy! DJ is on his 6th piece. Lisa had eight!
TM: She’s out of control!
PA: She must be stopped!
LT (holding up one last piece of cake): Ladies, this is all the cake that’s left. What should we do with it?
TM: I’ll tell you what we’ll do with it!
(TM & PA take the shaving-crème covered cake and shove it into LT’s face).
(LT rubs her finger down her cheek and tastes the crème).
LT: Mmm! My favorite!

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