Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday: The Marine Center

At breakfast the chaperones were told we’d be acting out a Who What Where of our own. I seized the day, saying we’d also provide a skit. What had I gotten myself into? Several adults volunteered, so I began organizing the skit. As the entire group caravanned the hour east to Panasea, my mind raced.

Out of the cars, I remembered to tell Micheal to let me keep his knife. I didn’t wait a Will or Micah to get hold of it and have an accident. To my surprise, he had it on him! I quickly locked it in my van.

As the Marine Center leaders introduced and organized the tour, I was buzzing about, recruiting Kara, Michelle, and Kate to play their moms. They were particularly excited about the cake in the face bit. As groups 5 and 6 toured the facility, I appeared to be taking notes. Mrs. Johnston, glued to her own blackberry, thought it hilarious that I was actually writing the skit.

There were many amazing animals to see…rays, starfish, crabs, octopus, sharks, sea turtles, and much more. Most of the teens weren’t at all squeamish at handling the animals, including the girls. The endangered species gave me more skit fodder.

As the tour wore on, Mr. Roth recruited me to help Mrs. Arps & Martin set up lunch. We drove to a nearby state park, and Mr. Roth and I had a nice visit, discussing football, and of course, the skit. Marc had several great ideas, and I knew he’d be great in the cookout scene.

During lunch many kids and grownups were interested in the Tech / Clemson game. I lunched in the shade with Mrs’s Switzer, Delenick, and Johnston, with the Davis’s nearby, with several other chaperones. We had a great time. Cindy Switzer, the long-time organizer of the Spring Expedition Servant Leader skit, told me “I watched you quietly sit in the back of the last three retreats, wondering what you thought about the goings on!” More than once on the retreat, I told her that she had my dream job. I told her how similar my previous Camp SPdL experiences were.

To my dismay, Mrs. Delenick and Johnston begged out of the skit, opting to have their daughters Christy and Abby play them. The ladies would’ve been hilarious. I’m sure one of the reasons Tammy J loves hanging around Sandy D is because she’s so funny. Christy and Abby were willing participants. While discussing their roles, I also quickly taught them the Who What Where theme song.

On the drive back to the island most of the boys in my van napped. Excited, I was jotting skit notes as I drove. Since Sandy and Tammy weren’t in it, there was extra material about them to use. They were such a hit last year, when their cartwheeling videographer’s assistant antics so easily made skit hilarity.

After the delicious brisket dinner, I opted to not have a huge role in the chaperone Who What Where…Tarzan in a mall, during a dance recital. I donned the ever popular toy body armor and carried the duct taped gun used in every skit…then slouched in a chair. I was the mall security guard. As the other chaps got ready, I took the opportunity to quiet the crowd and introduce the Who What Where theme song. Abby and Christy hopped up to help. They had even added some extra dance moves and such.

The chap ladies were funny shopping in the mall, and Mrs. Zech in her “No MSG!” role. Then Mr. Cain was a great Tarzan, only to be topped by Mr. Roth and Mr. Hall, dancing in the recital.

Then the kids joined their groups, and the encouraging letters from parents were distributed. Ceil had written a letter for Will in advance. I had always done this on previous trips. Before that Saturday supper, I had taken a break from my skit writing to pen a quick letter to Will. My timing couldn’t have been better. It turned out that I was seated behind Will, but he found me a came over and gave me a hug. A couple of other kids hugged their parent, but many did not.

We watched an amazing video during the evening service…”A Case For a Creator”, the story of a reporter’s scientific search for evidence that the Earth and the Universe were created by an intelligent, supreme being. The kids all watched with great interest and took notes, except during the small musical interludes, when one row of boys “head-banged” to the music…much to Mr. D’s chagrin.

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