Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ranking the MLB Playoff Teams

Here’s my ranking of the playoff teams, based solely on my personal preference, from favorite to least desirable…

1. Cubs…Soriano, Marquis, ex-Brave infielder, ex-ND receiver/reliever, Lou, the scene at Wrigley, Derrick Lee.

2. Rays…the manager, the way they compare to the 91 Braves.

3. Dodgers…Torre, Manny, Nomar, Maddux.

4. Red Sox…Kotsay, Jason Bay, Wakefield, Francona, so many players I’m familiar with.

5. White Sox…Griffey, Dye, Guillen, Thome.

6. Brewers…the sausage races, Sabathia, Felder, Gwynn

7. Angels…Guerrero, the manager, Tex

8. Phillies…Howard, that speedy little guy, Utley. I don’t like Jimmy Rollins

I’m listening to Barry Levinson’s first novel, “66”, which seems to be similar to his movie “Diner”…which I’ve never seen, but now I want to see all the more. The book is hilarious. Next in line is “Charlie Wilson’s War”

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