Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scene Four: The Big Time.

SD: You don’t think we’re embarrassing our daughters, do you?
TJ: What? Just because our shoes match…
SD: …we eat the same crackers…
TJ: …and finish each other’s sentences…
SD: Hush! There’s Mr. Murphy!
TJ: I bet he’s writing another skit about us.
SD: Maybe this one will be made into a movie!
TJ: Wouldn’t THAT be something!
SD: We could be like Mrs. Switzer!
TJ: She’s become a big star ever since Fox picked up her hit game show…
SD: …Who What Where!
TJ: That game was pretty dull until they came up with that peppy theme song.
SD: Speaking of Mrs. Switzer, has anyone seen her?
CC enters; The last time I saw her, she stole my root beer, drank it…and burped!

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