Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scene Three: Women Drivers

Mrs. Shetler: Those girls in my car drove me crazy! They wanted to roll the windows down! I was afraid they were going to fall out!
Mrs. Cocks: Come on! We were just riding the 50 yards down to The Point.
ES: Still! They didn’t have their seat belts buckled! Did you see that car yesterday? The girls had their legs sticking out the windows! On the highway!
CC: Oh! That was MY car! Did my legs look OK?
ES: Well, that’s nothing compared to what I heard. A chaperone down at the house didn’t wait to change into her swimsuit. She walked right out into the ocean…fully clothed! What kind of parents are they picking to be chaperones?
CC: What’s the big deal? The water felt great!

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