Friday, October 03, 2008

Endless Meetings

Wednesday there was a 5 pm meeting with a vendor, that I would add little to. I chose just before that to go over to our processing center, where I took my time and got a lot done. When I returned the meeting was in full swing…the vendor was delivering bad news. Luckily I was never called into the meeting, and nothing was said. Usually my boss works later than me, but that night he was atypically discouraged, and left after the meeting.

All the undone, bad stuff about the account is finally coming out, which is good, though it’s causing longer hours and discouragement in the leadership team. Thursday my boss rushed out to drag Darryl and me into the meeting. Had I not had my laptop there to work on stuff, I would’ve been frustrated and bored. We were “let go” at 7:30, and everyone rushed out. I worked another hour, though I was worn out.

Friday we have a 2 pm meeting with two VP’s, so I’m sure we’ll be in meetings all day getting ready. A co-worker has done a great job. He’s been here 2 years, and has been trained enough to understand everything. He’s probably frustrated and ready to move on, which is bad. I’m just getting to the point where I’m on top of A/R, though I’m always busy when the lady in Credit calls, and vice versa.

Will had his first basketball practice Thursday night…says there are a few new players, which they need. It was good to see some of the other dads again.

Saturday is Six Flags for Matthew, Anna, and me. The in-laws may be coming soon, and the house is a mess. And I need to come in to the office as well, or this inventory will never get done.

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