Tuesday, October 14, 2008

King of the Vents

Monday morning I remembered that I pecked out a quick vent for the AJC GT vent section, since the main vent was a complaint about GT not being ranked. I checked to see if it was published, and discovered it was the top rated GT vent, with double the points of it’s closest competitor.

Nice DP last night by Utley, though I’m rooting against the Phils, though I love their alt unis, and am glad they wear them so much.

Spent all day Monday training the boss’s new pet temp. This week I’ll have to let the other, 6 month temp go, who isn’t very efficient. The hire from accounting has a bad attitude. Another team member is in poor health and was out yesterday tending to his wife, who just had her third auto accident in the last 5 years. A third has green belt training today and is off tomorrow. Things are never normal.

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