Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Friday morning was busy and I barely left my desk. Hadn't asked the Ogre if I could have the afternoon off, but at 11:30 he came out and asked me if I was taking off. I finished up and left at 12:30. Bought Will a pair of REI pants/shorts and a warm Columbia shirt for me, then did yardwork the rest of the afternoon. Will and MC went to the Camp Highland Christmas party, and I rested the remainder of the evening.

Saturday I mailed two eBay packages and stopped by Kroger, and did some laundry and other housework. My back was starting to hurt, so I tried not to do too much. Ceil had cooked breakfast: scones, scrambled eggs, and bacon. She and the kids decorated the Christmas tree. Will and MC drove to Rock Eagle for a 4H event. I only saw the very end of the Army Navy game, then all of the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Before taking M to church Sunday I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and worked on eBay.

Had a great time eating out Sunday night and the food was delicious. I'll have to add Bricktops to my rotation. Ceil had the same chicken dish that Claire got. I tasted it and it was good. My bbq chicken salad couldn't have been better. The salad had all the ingredients I like and not too much guacamole, which I gave to Ceil. Dock and Melissa's turkey burger and chicken strips also looked great. I would've thought they'd order something fancier. Andrew's ribs looked good, but I'm not a big rib guy. Afterwards my voice was hoarse from talking so much.

I love burgers and chicken tenders, but I always feel like they're not very "grown-up" type dishes to order. I'd just as soon eat burgers/chicken than steak. Ceil loves steak. She was hungry (she forgot to eat lunch), so I thought she would order steak, but she saw that chicken dish and it really stood out to her. I might've ordered it if she hadn't. Since she ordered it, I wanted to order something different for the variety. I am not a fish guy at all. I know it's healthy, and I should eat it.

Turned right out of the Terminus parking lot and missed the turn on the Buckhead Loop to hit 400. Took Piedmont to Roswell Road. Traffic was light and we caught most of the lights, so in no time we crossed 285. Left on Johnson Ferry all the way past our Trader Joes to pick up PaPa Johns pizza for the kids. M watched the Psych musical, W and C watched 24 on Netflix, A hung out in her room, and I did some eBay work, then went to bed early.

Lots to do this week: Christmas Letter, bills to pay, insurance forms to send, paperwork to organize, bowl predictions to make, and my regular job as well.

Finished the second Duck Dynasty book: Happy Happy Happy. Back listening to the second half of World Without End.

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