Thursday, December 12, 2013

Will Ferrell

I am a Will Ferrell fan, even though I'm an old un-cool fuddy-duddy. Loved Old School, Talladega Nights, Elf, and other things he's done. When he was on SNL I wasn't a huge fan. Wasn't crazy about his cheerleader character or other roles he played. He's only grown on me since then. But I haven't watched SNL for years - even during the Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey years. Even when there's a great guest host I'm usually not motivated enough to make it a point to watch.

Have not seen Anchorman, though it's hard not to be exposed to the buildup to the sequel, which was filmed in Atlanta and St. Simons. Love how so many others have roles in the movie. Perhaps I'll watch it some day. 

I don't watch as many movies as I used to. I go through stages where I watch movies, then go long periods of time when I don't watch any. There are lots of movies I want to watch that Ceil doesn't, so I have to pick my spots.

Another long day at work Tuesday, thanks to a phone call at 4:55. Burritos for supper. Also worked on eBay and read. Tuesday night Matthew's favorite band was on Leno: Switchfoot. I’ve got to get going on writing our Christmas letter.

Picked up World Without End at the library Tuesday night so I can listen to the second half. Finished my first Duck Dynasty book, but want to knock out Phil Robertson’s autobiography before I get back to World Without End. With vacation looming, I won’t finish everything.

Worked past five again Wednesday afternoon. I wasn’t feeling good, so I drove straight home. C and A had gone shopping up to those outlets in Woodstock. I did some reading on the computer and watched the Duck Dynasty Christmas show. The family put on the Nativity at their church, Phil spoke about the Jesus’ birth, and Alan prayed in Jesus’ name.

Karen Toholsky was looking for a place to eat in Sandy Springs. I suggested the Pie Place, but she had already chosen Ippolitos.

The Sagarin Poll is always interesting. I’m afraid Baylor will easily handle UCF. At some point soon I will make my bowl predictions.

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