Monday, December 09, 2013

SEC Fanfest

Ever since we went to the SEC Fanfest several years ago, Matthew has talked about wanting to go back. Friday afternoon we took MARTA down to the Congress Center to go. There really wasn't as much to do as there used to be, but he seemed to have a good time. I'm sure the Fanfest was more crowded Friday night and Saturday, but it was nice being able to do anything we wanted to do. I took pictures of M doing different things, and only had one picture taken of me – to send to a Mizzou fan I know in Tulsa. What we did:

1. M ran the 40 yard dash in 6.1 seconds – in street clothes and slippery boat shoes.
2. Threw footballs, kicked field goals, hit golf balls, and took cuts in a batting cage.
3. Drank free Dr. Pepper. Matthew ate Golden Flake potato chips.
4. Trinkets collected: Auburn & Mizzou mini helmets, a nice SEC tumbler, two pair of nice gloves, two yellow SEC Network T-shirts, Sonic giftcard, various stickers, Auburn poster for a co-worker, six bags (since thrown away), iPhone listening device, two Regions Bank bicycle pens, and several packets of BC Powder.
5. Saw Tim Brando from CBS, Paul Feinbloom from ESPN, and Buck Belue. Could've had my picture taken with Brando – he was just standing around by himself. He looks younger in person.

We walked around the Fanfest two or three times before leaving. Walked though the CNN Center and out through Centennial Olympic Park, then up to the Peachtree Center MARTA station. By then it was rush hour. Didn't get home until almost seven. C and A went shopping, so I had to get M a Willys burrito. Barney and I ate popcorn Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Saturday morning I took M up to meet his girlfriend at 8:45am. While I was out I stopped at McDonalds for Egg McMuffins. Got the oil changed at a new place. Terrible service at both McDonalds and the oil change place. When I got home Ceil cooked me a home-made egg mcmuffin. Got to see the last 30 minutes of ESPN College Gameday. Did laundry while I watched football.

Sunday I worked on eBay and fixed sandwiches on the Panini press. Drove M down to PCC. Picked up Ceil and drove her by stores in Buckhead and Lenox. Got home and cleaned upstairs. Watched a little football, drove to Target to get photos developed, watched the Sunday Night Pregame and BCS Selection Show, and read my books. Ceil cooked burgers for dinner.

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