Sunday, December 01, 2013


Several people are posting something they are thankful for each day in November. That's great. Thinking about it, I needed to get somewhat organized and the thankful for things in the right order, and to make sure I didn't leave out anything important. Still, I wrote this quickly, spending less time that I should.

1. God. The Father. He is in control.
2. Jesus. My Savior.
3. The Holy Spirit. Thankful that He lives inside me and guides me.
4. God’s great provision for me and my family.
5. For our planet. God’s creation. An amazing place.
6. My wife Ceil. Today is her birthday. I couldn’t make it through life without her.
7. For my son Will. Great student, athlete, and leader. Knows what’s important. Inhibited. Thirsts for knowledge. Loves Jesus.
8. For my daughter Anna. Amazingly talented. Works hard at school. Loves to read. Leader. People want to be around her. Great people skills. Careful driver. Loves Jesus.
9. For my son Matthew. Artist. Musical. Great writer. Thoughtful. Hilarious. Loves Jesus.
10. For parents. All they’ve done for us. Their sacrifice and patience, despite us constantly letting them down. For their health.
11. Family.
12. My job.
13. The spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities that God has given me. I’m different than others, and that’s ok.
14. My body.
15. My mind.
16. My friends.
17. Our church.
18. Our home.
19. Our dog. Barney has been a blessing to our family. Always happy and smiling.
20. Those who have taught and led and been an example to me along the way. Jim. Fred. Jeff. Steve. Lee. And many more.
21. For baseball. The leather. The grass. The crack of the bat.
22. For our government. It could be worse.
23. For living where we do. The weather is great, and it’s not too far from family, the mountains, or the beach.
24. My sense of humor. Everyone doesn’t think I’m funny, but that’s ok.
25. Food. Hamburgers. Ice cream. Pie. Pizza. Soft drinks. Casseroles. BBQ. Lasagna. Burritos. Popcorn.
26. My favorite things. Shoes. Uniforms. Books. TV.
27. For reliable cars that don’t break down – much. Especially on days like today, when traffic is bad.  
28. Thanksgiving. Great food, family fellowship, and football. Though I rarely have a chance to watch the games I’d like to on Thanksgiving Day.
29. Thankful I don’t have to get out among those crazy Black Friday shoppers. But I am thankful for sales, and our country’s ability to deliver products to consumers.
30. Once again I am thankful for God, for all these wonderful gifts. And for great rivalry football games: Tech/Georgia, Carolina/Clemson, Alabama/Auburn.

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