Tuesday, December 31, 2013

eBay Audit

Things you shouldn't tell your accountant dept: As many things as I keep track of (mpg, what we eat for dinner, etc) I never kept track of what I sold on eBay. Last week I made a list and tonight I made up a spreadsheet that I can use going forward, Over $1700 this year and over $1300 in 2012. This month I really pushed and sold almost $600. A total of 97 items, about half in each year. Jerseys, bobbleheads, t-shirts - Olympic volunteer shirts don't sell for much. I have a lot of stuff around the house I plan on selling. Next year I need to post one item per day. Hopefully I'll run out of stuff to sell.
Highlights from Christmas week: Will was very helpful in getting the CRV packed and us on the road. Matthew sat up front with me and C, A, W, and Barney all sat in the back seat. Finally figured out how to drive the CRV to get good gas mileage. On the way back from SC we got 34.2 mpg.

We opened presents, cleaned up, got ready for lunch with 23 others. took pictures, the 12 grandkids sang the 12 days of Christmas. They are really getting theatrical. Cleaned out my emails and ordered M a phone cover. Mine had broke, so I ordered one for me as well. Still not hungry for leftovers. I have plenty of writing projects planned, also lots of reading. No naps, but not much on TV.

Ceil, her brother, and two cousins all married and had three kids. That's 20, plus Ceil's parents and uncle and aunt. We have even more at the beach: more relatives and other friends from town. So my three kids have nine cousins on Ceil's side of the family. Will has three male cousins his age, plus two more slightly older. They play golf and go duck hunting. Add in us four dads, we had some good touch football games. Anna has three girl cousins right around her age. When we go to Jefferson they do everything together. Matthew doesn't have anyone, but sometimes he hangs out with the girls.

Thursday C took Anna and her three cousins up to the mall in Charlotte. I got M out of the house, to Bojangles, Target, and two thrift stores. Should’ve bought a Carlos Boozer bobblehead, but didn’t. Made it back just in time for spaghetti. With so much to do (writing and reading, mostly) a good deal of the time I wasn’t in the mood to do much.  

Saturday it was nice to be back in my own house for a change. Watched some bowls games, ate popcorn, and Will hooked up Apple TV. Matthew and Sarah went to see a movie and Ceil went to the grocery, then cooked chili. Took Sarah home – a long drive in the pouring rain.

Sunday we went down to Macon. On the drive down traffic was TERRIBLE the whole way, but not bad coming back. Could’ve taken Barney, but it would’ve meant a crowded back seat again. Ceil fixed spaghetti and meatballs and salad. Back home we had leftover chili. After the long day I went upstairs to read. Finished my baseball book.

Working Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Will goes to the Chickfila Bowl Tuesday night, then has to return to Athens late Wednesday.    

My Yahoo email is where all the junk email hits, because I use that email address when I enter sweepstakes. I try to go through and delete the junk emails with the hopes of one day finding a notification that I actually won something. Since we traveled Friday and Sunday I really didn’t get to check the Yahoo email until Monday morning.

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