Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ohio State: A Deserving #2?

Ohio State: Sunday night on the BCS show everyone seemed to agree that OSU shouldn’t get to play for the championship. Their only argument is that they haven’t lost. In the past undefeated teams that played a weak schedule were left out. OSU hasn’t won very convincingly enough. They could very well lose to Michigan State.

The difference between OSU and FSU: the Seminoles may have played a weak ACC schedule, but they dominated every opponent. They blew out #3 Clemson and #5 Miami, as well as SEC rival Florida. FSU belongs. Either Auburn or Missouri need to win convincingly to leapfrog Ohio State.

UGA might probably beat UCF. Would be close. UGA would be ranked higher, except for their four losses: to Clemson, Missouri, Vandy, and Auburn. UGA’s schedule was on of the toughest in the country. Keep winning, and you don’t drop in the rankings. Not saying that is right. UCF is ranked higher because they’ve only lost one game – to South Carolina, a top ten team. But take away one bad call in that SC game and UCF would be undefeated.

Some of the play calls are bad. I don’t understand. What I hate are the delayed runs up the middle on third and short or fourth and short. If you don’t hit the line quick, you are especially sunk. A QB draw is great, but so often running off tackle or around the end on a short yardage play gives the defense time to pursue and stuff the play. And passes to the sideline don’t work well either. I never was good at play-calling. The best play-callers seem to always be calling unexpected plays that catch the defense off guard.

Some criticized Saban for going for the field goal, but winning 3 national championships in 4 years makes him above criticism. The kid was making from that distance in practice. I just wonder if now Saban bolts to Texas.

What I hate: Early in the Oregon State/Oregon game the State QB threw deep on fourth down, from the 35 yard line. Oregon intercepted in the end zone instead of knocking the ball down – so Oregon took over on the 20 instead of the 35. Another dumb play, like Yasiel Puig getting tagged out trying to take the extra base or throwing to the wrong base. Not like the old days, when players were more fundamentally sound.

When I started my walk Monday morning it wasn’t raining. Rain started when I was halfway done. Had to turn around.   

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