Thursday, December 12, 2013

Busy Time of Year

At work December always seems busier than other months. People are on vacation, so I'm having to fill in or it's harder to get the normal things done. Pricing for the new year is due, which means more meetings. My customer seems to always have a rush at year end to ship vehicles, and they always need more roof supports or footrests than usual. Today I found out they need 222 footrests. An earlier forecast had showed they needed only ten. Last year we had subcontractors working overtime the week after Christmas. We're usually changing subcontractors at year end. This takes a lot of babysitting. Last year we had a huge tool move. This year we're moving the highest dollar parts, and so far it's not going well.

Normally I use up my vacation during the year and only take off a few days over the holidays, but this year I'm only working 3 days out of 16. So I have to get everything done before I take off. I'm supposed to work all day on December 30, but Tech's bowl game is at 3:30. I may work half days on Dec 27 and 30. People think December is slow, but its usually always busier.

Young Mr. Flack has been going to all the recent Auburn games, including the Alabama and Missouri games. He said he's lined up his flight and hotel to Pasadena and is working on game tickets to the national championship game. Last month he flew on a private jet on a golf trip. Sunday he was complaining about the cost of taking his family to a movie. His wife snuck in Cokes and snacks in her purse.

Busy day at work this past Monday. Didn't leave until after 5:30. Our Monday night men's group was cancelled.

Hadn't been to Kroger in a while, so when I stopped on the way home I loaded up: Cheerios, yogurt, popcorn accoutrements, a box, macaroni & cheese, drinks for the kids.

Ceil cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, and salad. Miracle of miracles: Matthew ate leftover chicken wings. I read my book, cleaned the kitchen, and packaged some items for shipping. Paid for Will's tuition. Looks like we won't be fixing the master bathroom anytime soon.

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