Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Three F's

Last Wednesday I couldn’t get anyone to take me to work, so we weren’t able to leave early. Left work at 4 and drove home. Ate leftovers: beef tips and rice. Anna needed to go to a store up on Windward Parkway. After the store I dropped them off at Chickfila and got gas. Had pumpkin pie before going to bed.

Not much was going on Thursday. Every morning I ate me two fried eggs, which I combined with toast for a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. Did you watch the Macys Parade on TV? We did. Worked on the computer all day, which was fun. Watched the Lions and later the Cowboys. Had chicken tetrazzini for dinner. Anna went people watching at the mall from 9 to midnight.

Friday Will and MC arrived. I gassed up one car and took Matthew to Bojangles. Watched UCF beat South Florida. All the kids went to see the new Hunger Games movie.

Saturday I watched football all day. Will and MC left around 2 pm. I napped before the 3:30 games. Ceil took the kids horseback riding, which pleased Matthew. Ate leftovers for lunch and supper. More pumpkin pie. Finished the Bill Curry book. Very good.

Wasn’t feeling well Sunday morning. Finally started feeling better an hour or so later. Picked up lunch at Moes, which was crowded with church-goers. I thought lunch would invigorate me, but it made me drowsy. Ceil and Matthew took off for church. I watched the Falcons and the Auburn / Alabama replay with Will. Finished the Sexton book.

Ate good on Monday: grilled chicken breast and kale for lunch, one yogurt pack, cheerios for breakfast (no milk). Ceil cooked chili for supper. I did have some chips and salsa. Not as good today: leftover chili and Matthew’s leftover nachos. On the way home Monday I stopped by the library and got a haircut. Reading one of Michael Crichton’s earlier works: The Terminal Man.

No TV last night – everyone was busy with homework. I worked on eBay. Sold a shirt, football jersey, bear cap, pennant, jacket, and two sweatshirts.

It’s gotten busy here at work. Would be good to take off Friday. Didn’t walk Monday or last week, but back on track today.

The three F’s: Family, Food, and Football.

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