Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 18

We have a high bed, but our big dog Barney can jump on the bed. First he stretches, then he can perform a standing high jump – jumping onto the bed from a standing still position in one big leap. When he goes up and down the stairs Barney waits until everyone else has cleared the stairwell area, then bounds up the stairs taking three or four steps at a time. We'll see what happens when he gets old and creaky. Several years ago Bobby Cremins bought a one-story house because his dogs were too old to climb steps.
Last Wednesday at work two different vendors brought in treats, so of course I ate too much. Late yesterday afternoon Ceil called, telling me about the birthday party for Margaret Ewing Gaither that started at 7 pm. I had missed so many events lately that I wanted to go. She called me again on the way home, saying to hurry because traffic would be bad. I got home at 6:10, but we didn't leave until after 6:40. Then I learn the party is actually a gathering at Marlows Tavern in the Prado. I drove back roads to avoid traffic, so we weren't too late.

M and A sat with George and Jimmy Ewing. Jim Ewing was sick, so we sat with Jim's sister, right behind Margaret and her husband Will. There were five tables full of people, most with young kids. Jim Voyles' oldest daughter was there with her husband. Ceil had a grilled chicken sandwich. She devoured it. Anna had a salmon salad – I brought the leftovers for lunch today. M and I had burgers. Ceil got to hold both Jimmy and Margaret's babies, so she was happy.

Near the end of the evening Margaret's husband stood up and thanked everyone for coming. He presented a large present to Margaret: a framed collage of items pertaining to NYC. Then he told her that they were flying out on a New York City vacation in the morning (today). Some present! Jimmy told me that now that he was a family man, he was considering coming back to SPdL. Better tell Dock.

On the way home C needed to stop at Target. She stayed inside for almost 45 minutes. I went and gassed up the CRV. We didn't get home until after ten. By then I had learned of the Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty/CQ interview controversy, so I fired off an email to the A&E Network in support of Phil. In their statement they said what Phil said did not reflect the views of the Duck Dynasty show. I'm not sure that is true.

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