Monday, December 09, 2013

Championship Saturday

Loved Auburn over Missouri…agreed. Fun game to watch. Auburn won the game going away. Some fans (Chad) were irate at the officials' calls, but they seemed to go both ways. When the Auburn DB rode the Mizzou RB out of bounds, then pushed him into the cart, Chad was mad that a facemask penalty wasn't called on the RB's stiffarm. I've never seen that penalty called. I made a general comment that some fans cry foul over every close call but other fans wait until after the game to come out of the woodwork. Chad didn't make any more comments.

Hated FSU over Duke…disagree. I wanted the FSU/Auburn matchup in the championship game. Love how both teams wore dark jerseys. FSU took care of business. Duke only scored the late touchdown to avoid the shutout. Coach Cutcliff deserves credit for developing their QB's, who are probably better off for choosing Duke.

Loved Michigan St over Ohio State…agreed. Now that Buckeye WR won't have the chance to "wipe the field" with FSU or Alabama. But if they show up mentally, Ohio State could blow out Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

Loved Central Fla over SMU…agreed. Close game. Poor third string walk-on QB for SMU, though I thought he handled himself well. It was true that several UCF players had never seen snow. 24 degrees…ouch. It was surreal to see the empty stadium – especially on the views from the end zones. Now Baylor fans are saying they "deserve" to play a better team than UCF. Baylor should be thankful that Oklahoma State blew their game so that Baylor could sneak into the BCS through the back door.

Hated Carrolton over Marist…agreed.
Hated Southern Miss over Ga State…agreed
Loved Ga Tech over E Tenn St…agreed.

Loved AND Hated: Oklahoma over Oklahoma State. Great finish. When Oklahoma State scored, for fun I thought "they scored too early". Not meaning it, but hoping it. I dislike Oklahoma State and loved that that lost, but hated that it put Baylor into the BCS.

Hated: Baylor over Texas. I did like the Baylor throwback uniforms (except for the Nike swoosh on the jerseys). I always like Texas: their tradition and uniforms. Love how they added back the numbers on their helmets this year, like they had back in the 60's.

Loved AND Hated: Bowling Green over Northern Illinois. I'm not a NIU fan, and am glad they won't be in a BCS bowl. I'd rather watch other teams that I'm more familiar with. In general, the bigger schools that populate BCS bowls have nicer uniforms that NIU's all-black unis.

MORE: Watched most of the UCF/SMU game. Hated the young Griese announcer. He listed his top NFL prospect QB's and left out some obvious choices, like Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron. After the end of the UCF game I switched over for the exciting last two minutes of the Oklahoma State/Oklahoma game. Three touchdowns in the last two minutes. When that game ended the SEC Championship Game was just starting. I watched that game, and during commercials checked on Baylor/Texas – until Baylor pulled ahead.

After Auburn won Anna and Ceil got interested in a movie, so I was only able to switch over to the Ohio State Michigan State game during commercials. I feared OSU had taken the lead for good, but then MSU took the lead and shut OSU down. Loved it.

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