Thursday, December 12, 2013

Smashing Pennies

On my morning walk last week I placed a penny on the railroad tracks leading into our plant. On my afternoon walk I found the penny had been smashed very flat. Took the penny home to Matthew. Gonna try it again, though the train only delivers about twice a week. I always remember going to Callaway Gardens as a kid and putting pennies on the tracks of the little train they had there. Or a gravel rock, which would be pulverized.

When I walk I have plenty of time to do several things: pray, kick rocks, etc. Since I cross the railroad tracks I got the idea to crush a penny. Every day after lunch I chew one piece of gum. During my afternoon walk I’ve been sticking my gum on a post at my turnaround point. Hopefully one day the post will be covered in gum. There’s this yellow fire hydrant-looking thing next to the walkway that everyone passes. The top is the perfect size for a coke cap, so I put a red one on there. After a few weeks the top disappeared, so I put a green top on. It’s lasted a few weeks as well.    

The live Sound of Music special: Carrie Underwood plays Maria, and she’s getting threats because she’s taking Julie Andrews’ role. Julie Andrews says she is delighted with the new show. Ceil wanted to watch it, but she has a Christmas party to go to.

It’s always been my personality to follow the rules, though it often seems like when I do, I see others around me getting by without following the rules. Still, I know that God has called me to be who I am…which means following the rules. It is interesting to see Will grow in his relationship with God, and what is attitude is about people who aren’t as serious as he thinks they should be. For some reason our postmodern society people put themselves first, and don’t think the rules apply to them. Drivers on the road, people crossing streets, athletes like those mentioned in the article. Sometimes I think it might’ve been better to live back in the 50’s, but I guess it wasn’t a bowl of cherries back then either. At least we have heaven to look forward to.

Stopped by Kroger on the way home last Tuesday night. First time in a long time, at least at the Stinky Kroger. I was standing there looking at all the yogurt when I realized someone else was standing a few feet away – also looking at the yogurt. I looked over just as she looked at me. It was Becky Norman.

Ceil cooked wings for the kids and grilled chicken for us. Also salad and baked square potato bits. I passed on the potatoes. Helped clean the kitchen. Read my baseball book and took a nap, and packaged some eBay items to ship.

Top Dog of our worldwide company visits our department tomorrow. My desk is a mess.

Mike Tomlin can’t admit he did it on purpose, though his eyes light up sometimes when he talks about such things. The Steelers might not make the playoffs, but they’ll be ok.

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