Friday, December 27, 2013

December 19

Another wacky evening Thursday night. Just like Wednesday, late Thursday afternoon Ceil called. Matthew was going ice skating down at Atlantic Station with friends. They were to meet at six. Will was busy, and Anna didn't need to fight downtown rush hour traffic. Ceil was cooking dinner, and had been on the go all week getting ready for Christmas. That left me.

I left work at 4:20 and got home shortly after five. On the drive home I had called, making sure M would be ready. Got home and still had to wait five minutes. Traffic wasn't too bad most of the way, thought we caught almost every light. Traffic slowed at Northside Drive. I exited on the HOV ramp at 5:55 but saw a line of red lights headed into town on Northside. I looped back onto 75 South only to discover the two right lanes blocked. Fortunately it was just a 5 minute delay, and we made it to Atlantic Station by 6:10.

Didn't find Matthew's friends until almost 6:30. Left and crossed Northside to hit Howell Mill. There was a line of cars turning on Chattahoochee Ave. Then traffic was gridlocked going both ways. 75 had been ok, but now all the cars headed north were stopped. I took Collier to Defoors Ferry over to Atlanta Road, and up to 285. Grabbed some Wendys. Drove up to the Big Chicken to a store I never get to.

By then it was 8 pm. No use going home. Grabbed a drink at Racetrac and drove back downtown. Worked on eBay and caught up on some reading. When we got back close to home I let Matthew drive through the neighborhood. Got home after 11 pm.

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