Saturday, December 07, 2013


Busy day Thursday, and I have a pile of stuff still to do. Still taking Friday afternoon off.

I've had something on the bottom of my foot that has made it hurt to walk. Feels like it moved from my arch up toward my toes. The weirdest thing.

Wednesday afternoon Ceil took Matthew to get his learner's permit. He will need a lot of practice. Afterwards they stopped by Publix and probably Willys. They didn't get home until after 8 pm, so I was able to catch up on some computer stuff. Later I had to go pick up Anna. She's on a select youth committee at PCC comprised of just a few young people. The meeting was at one of the top guys' house.

I usually eat lunch at my desk and read Sports Illustrated. Thursday I brought leftover chili. The CEO of our entire company game to visit our department yesterday, so I didn't want the office smelling like chili. I ate my afternoon yogurt, and waited to eat the chili after he left.

Got to the library at 5:57 pm yesterday and the doors were locked. Going back today to pick up two Duck Dynasty books on reserve: Father Phil's story and the overall family story. Both books were co-written by Atlanta sportswriter Mark Schlabach.

Got home a few minutes later. Ceil was headed out the door to the PCC Sunday School workers party, and Anna was headed out to celebrate her best friend's birthday. Matthew was practicing his guitar. M wants all my bobbleheads out of his room, so I worked some on that. My plan is to box up all the bobbleheads I have boxes for, but leave all the ones I don't have boxes for. Almost bought three new bobbleheads Wednesday (Repo Man, the Pump Brothers, and the NPR Answer Man), but passed. Having second thoughts.

Watched the Sound of Music. Tough role for a novice actress, but you gotta admire her for taking it on. Lots of jokes and abuse on Twitter. Ceil got home for the end.

Last week AJ McCarron was on the Sports Illustrated cover, and Alabama lost. This week Auburn is on the cover in the South and Ohio State is on the cover. Perhaps the SI cover jinx will continue.

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