Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Major Move Needed?

Jeff Schultz is saying the Braves need to make a major move to win the World Series. But should the Braves trade prospects who pan out everyone will cry Drew and Teixeira again. I used to like Schultz and his sense of humor, but lately he's been stooping to the level of sports talk radio - inciting the masses in an effort to grow readership and page hits. At least Mark Bradley will sing the "playoffs are a crapshoot" song from time to time.

Saw today where the Falcons GM was defending letting John Abraham sign elsewhere. I don't follow the Falcons that closely, but it seemed like Abraham was hurt the whole time he was here, but he's getting older. Seemed like letting him walk was the right thing.

The Hurt's were down at Disney this past weekend. Usually they are up to speed on all the latest Disney stuff, but I'll have to ask if they know the latest about Fast Pass. We don't see the Hurts as much as we used to (now hardly ever). After a year at a small college in Tennessee Haley transferred to Auburn. She joined a sorority, but got back together with Will's friend Kevin…I'm glad about that. Younger sister Margaret signed to compete on Auburn's equestrian team, so mom is a big Auburn fan now.

Speaking of Will's old classmates, Alyssa marched in to the stadium with the Army cadets Saturday. Her family went up for the game.

As usual, we have no Christmas card. Ceil didn't want to take a picture of Will with his long hair and beard. I swear that next year I'll get a card made.

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