Sunday, December 22, 2013

Greatest Ending Ever

Last game of the season.

78th meeting of the most intense interstate college football rivalry.  

Winner goes to the SEC Championship game.

Highest-ranked Iron Bowl in history.

Number one Alabama.

Number four Auburn.

National television audience.

Fourth quarter.

One second left on the clock.

Tie score.

After three unsuccessful field goal tries by senior kicker Cade Foster, Alabama sends out freshman Adam Griffith to attempt a game-winning 57 yard field goal. Should he make it, Alabama wins perhaps the greatest Iron Bowl finish in history. Should he miss, the game goes to overtime. No one could imagine a more exciting ending.

The field goal attempt comes up short. At this point the channel on the TV I am watching is changed. Only later did I learn what happened next.

But low, Auburn defensive back Chris Davis stood deep in the end zone, keeping watch over his flock of players in the night. And suddenly from the heavens the ball dropped into Davis’ hands. Davis proceeded to sprint 109 yards past Griffith and nine slow-footed Alabama linemen for the game-winning touchdown. Then Davis is surrounded by the heavenly host: his Auburn teammates and fans flooding the field.

Fan or not, this had to be the greatest-ever finish to a game in college football history – rivaling only the Immaculate Reception as the greatest ending ever. Thinking about this play, I had to type out the details to save.

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