Thursday, June 15, 2017

Anna at Camp

Video: the last eleven miles of my trip home, from the corner of Holcomb Bridge down Eves Road, right onto Riverside, under 400, left on Azalea, right on Willeo, left on Marietta Highway, and right onto my street.

Wednesday: worked past 6 pm again. C cooked Mexican. She watched a movie on her iPad. I watched some of the Braves, Last Man Standing, and The Middle while playing on my laptop. Packaged an eBay shipment.

M came home from Douglasville late, and we had to take his car up to the shop. Matthew wants to adopt a per cat. Not sure how that's going to go over with Barney. Last night after the bad thunderstorm let up slightly Barney acted like he wanted to go outside. I stopped what I was doing and put on his gentle leader and took him out into the garage. The big garage door was open so he could see and hear the rain, and he immediately turned around to go back outside. Sometimes I think he just likes to go outside to look around.
A few recent camp photos of Anna.
Big win for the Braves. Seems to be all of nothing with them. Offense has improved since last year. The Mets are getting guys back off the disabled list, so they are improving after a slow start. Would be good if we can stay ahead of the Phillies and Marlins, though both play us tough. I probably just jinxed this series with Miami.
On<> you can hear and vote for candidates vying to sing the national anthem before the Peachtree Road Race. I voted for the quartet from Milton.

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